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An incubator and accelerator for Innovator, Tech Startup and SMEs who want to use technology to help meet their needs in the digital age.

Consultation Services
We have experts and network partners from governments, universities, private sectors, associations and organizations in the field of technology and business to provide advice, support and push, including expanding the business to the market for Innovator, Tech Startup and SME groups.
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Product Design & Optimization
We have a team of experts in the design and optimization of hardware and software products, especially in the Automotive, Health Tech, IoTs and Smart Solutions industries.
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Consultation Services

With SYNHUB networking and partners, we can provide you excellency consultant from both government units, privet companies or relative organizations to the best suite personalized consultation services.   

synhub product design

Tech Consultant

Turn your ideas to becomes the real prototype or product with SYNHUB consultant team with Innovation Thinking methodology and plan for the next future with Tech Roadmap and Design & Blueprint.


Business Consultant

Furthermore, an innovative product or software is not enough for doing business due to the high competitiveness, SYNHUB willing to lead you to the moon with Business Plan, doing Feasibility Study before go to Pitching on the stage.

Product Design & Optimization

synhub product design and optimization

What is Hardware development process?

Hardware development process is more complicated than software development because you will start with the idea but at the end with your real product and SYNHUB willing to support you for all of these steps.  

Finding an Investor

synhub finding an investor

Understand more about how startup funding stage and the round funding that SYNHUM can support you more about how to run the business in the real world.

1. Seeding – finding the right angle investor.

2. Series A – gaining more capital to start scaling your business.  

3. Series B – once you need more capital gaining. 

4. Series C – premature stage for the business sustainability.       

On every stage need to do valuation of the business for management, proven track record, market size and risk evaluation before getting fund.       

Startup Funding Stage


synhub production

Time to Scaling up?

After understanding your product-market-fit, may be it’s time to scaling for the production BUT how can we prepare for it?

1. Sale forecast on realistic; for the most significant income estimation.

2. Financial condition; do to the balance sheet avoiding no cashflow for doing business or it’s time to do round funding. 
3. Invest in production; mass production like the factory can reduce the production cost.  
4.  Form the right team; the more people you have is the most company cost the you have to manage.  
5. Networking both customers & suppliers; you can do retaining program or up-sale / cross-sale for your existing customer and get more credit term from supplier.

SYNHUB e-learning

Create Thai innovations to the world market competition.

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