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The important part of doing business is a business plan, feasibility study and pitching for funding.
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Business consultant for startup that can help you launch and grow your new business with long-term strategy.

Business Plan

Starting your business with Business Plan can be a business canvas or even a one-page strategy but this is the most important step for understanding your target customer or segmentation that can be the quick-win for proving your business idea with directions and of cause for your future investor and the market competitiveness.

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Feasibility Study

This process will help you to forecast your possible growth plan or ROI for the financial or accounting part and your angel investor would love to see this plan before helping you grow your business after the MVP is launched.  


This is the most exciting part in 7 to 10 min. for both creating trust in your business and showing your TAM (Total Addressable Market or Total Available Market), SAM (Serviceable Available Market) and SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market) to the startup world.  

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